4 Android Apps To Read Whatsapp Messages Without Sender Knowing

Android phones have made everything easy and convenient for people starting from business life to personal relationships. That means a number of useful applications like free calling, image sharing, birthday reminders, and many more. Upon that, WhatsApp in the phones again makes life easy as it comes with tons of features that you can use both for your professional and personal life.

However, among many of its world dominated features, read receipts is the one that helps the sender to know whether their messages have been read or not. Well, to notify this the WhatsApp has made a series of checkmark icons right from the moment the sender sends the message, its arrival, and when it is read. When the sender sends the message, one grey check will come, when it has arrived two grey checks, and when it is seen two blue checks.

But there are times when you are exhausted and don’t want to let the sender know you have read their messages so that you can take your time to reply. So, don’t worry today; through this blog, we will discuss or explore the top 4 Android apps that will let you read the messages without knowing the sender and get more info about the WhatsApp clone. So, let’s get started so that all your needs can be fulfilled easily: –

  1. GB CHAT offline for WhatsApp- No last seen

If you are looking for privacy to spend some time with your family, this app is one of the best, exclusively designed for WhatsApp users. However, after installing this app, users can easily hide their last seen messages without knowing the sender.

Yes, you have read right. This GB CHAT app helps the user to read messages without blue ticks. That means you will read the messages in incognito mode. Apart from that, it also presents various other features and advertisements that also work smartly for the users. So, try this now and check how you are unseen.

  • Hide- Blue Ticks or Last seen, Photos, and Videos

This is another app for WhatsApp users, it is less popular than any other app, but trust me, it works impressively. That means it not only helps the user to read messages. Instead, you can also view music and short video clips, images, etc., without knowing the sender. Overall, you can say with the help of this app, and the user can read the messages, watch pictures and videos confidentially.

  • Unseen-No Last Seen

Unseen-No Last Seen is another famous app that has maximum downloads and a high rating. With this app, you can easily read various persons’ messages without letting them know. That means your known person will not be able to know that you have read their messages as it disguises the double blue checks or last seen. So, enjoy WhatsApp videos, audio, and images for the space you need from your phone.

Moreover, this app supports WhatsApp and works well with Instagram, Viber, and many more popular chatting apps. Further, the best part of this app is the availability of cheat heads which helps the user know upcoming messages without disturbing the current task. In addition to that, this app also helps the person to save important chats so that you can read them when you require them.

  • Hide Blue Ticks, Last Seen and Read Deleted messages

Another renowned name in the list of hidden chats for WhatsApp and get more info about WhatsApp clone. It is one of the cool and finest apps you can download on your phones to read the sender’s messages without letting them know. This app comes with an excellent and easy user interface so that everyone can easily use it.

However, this app has various unique features which are not found in any of the above apps. Like, it helps the user get back deleted messages, and you can also remove any chat you dislike.

In addition to all these apps, there are many other ways by which you can read the messages without letting the sender know. So, let’s discuss those tricks if you don’t want to install these apps on your phone.

  • Use WhatsApp in airplane mode.

When the message comes, don’t open WhatsApp; instead, drag down your phone’s notification bar and go to settings on airplane mode. This step will turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection; after that, you can open WhatsApp messages and quickly read the messages without letting the sender know.

  • Disable read receipts in WhatsApp settings

This is another way to read the messages without notifying the sender for this, open WhatsApp and tap the three dots located on the top right corner of the screen. Go on setting from the drop-down menu, and after that, click on account and then privacy.

In the privacy screen, scroll down and off the read receipts option. This will help you to read your messages, and the sender won’t be able to know whether you have read the message or not.

  • Take the help of WhatsApp Widget

Unlike other significant aps, WhatsApp also delivers its customers the option of a widget that you can use on your home screen to read the messages or notifications without opening the app. If you do so, it will prevent blue ticks on the sender’s chat.

So, go for widget option and make your privacy secure.

The bottom line

Through this blog, you come to know about how you can read WhatsApp messages without letting the sender know in various ways and get more info about WhatsApp clones.However, the main motive of this blog is to offer information about how you can use this feature to secure your privacy and hide blue ticks that appear on the sender screen after reading the messages.

So, for the best result and make your life easy, download the one which seems more exciting and fulfills your requirements and get more info about WhatsApp clone.I hope you liked this blog!





Constant writer and the best in Self Improvement topics , loans , and any articles that solve problem

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Sunny Slim Idiah

Sunny Slim Idiah

Constant writer and the best in Self Improvement topics , loans , and any articles that solve problem

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