Artificial Intelligence , It’s Benefits and Harms Today.

Pick up a newspaper, catalogue through the tech blogs From Siri to self-driving automobiles, artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing quickly. You’ll instantly point out that almost everything coming out of the technology world seems to have some characteristic of artificial intelligence or machine learning to it. The way artificial intelligence is referred to, it’s starting to sound almost like propaganda. Here is the one true technology that can solve all of your needs! AI is here to redeem us all!

AI can comprise anything from Google’s search algorithms to IBM’s Watson to independent weapons. While science fiction repeatedly characterizes AI as robots with human-like qualities.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be presently defined as a subfield of computer science. The main advantage of using artificial intelligence machines, computers, etc is to impersonate the activities which were earlier done by human beings and ease their lives.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Fewer Errors:

They are created and acclimatized in an incredible way that they cannot be altered or get damaged or breakdown in an aggressive atmosphere.

Improve Productivity:

AI systems have the capability to go through billions of data and take related actions in a matter of instants. This capacity alone is an automatic increment to productivity in most regions.

Everyday Application:

We are also crashing the street for big drives and trips with the help of GPS. The smartphone is an apt and everyday example of how we use artificial intelligence. In utilities, we find that they can predict what we are going to type and correct the human errors in spelling. That is machine intelligence at work.

Transform Learning:

The application of artificial intelligence in learning has seen a drastic transformation, especially in personalized learning.

With AI, students can now be taught personally according to their unique learning ability and characteristics.



High Cost:

There are software programs which require systematic up-gradation to cater to the necessities of the improving environment and the need for the machines to be smarter by the day.

In the issue of terrible corruptions, the technique to regain lost codes and replacing the system might need huge time and cost.

Job loss:

People will lose their creative ability and will come to be lazy. Humans can unnecessarily be highly dependent on the machines if the use of artificial intelligence becomes rampant. Also, if people start thinking in a destructive way, they can produce disorder with these machines.

It can be wrong:

Artificial intelligence is been deployed in very delicate sectors particularly in military and law enforcement.

Because AI systems are not 100% factual always when charged with sensitive responsibility and it goes bad the outcome could be unfortunately disastrous.


Artificial intelligence has given rise to so many aspects considered unthinkable years ago, possible today

It is adapting businesses and influencing our daily lives. There is no doubt it’s going to influence a major and positive role in the future of mankind. But one cannot dismiss its harms (dark side).





Constant writer and the best in Self Improvement topics , loans , and any articles that solve problem

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Sunny Slim Idiah

Sunny Slim Idiah

Constant writer and the best in Self Improvement topics , loans , and any articles that solve problem

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